Container carrier, harbour crane or spreader container

Cobra Trading is a specialist in the field of supply and (dis)assembly of every conceivable metal structure, with focus on harbour machinery and equipment: from container carrier and rails to container spreader and container cranes. Through our years of experience we take care of everything concerning the purchase, sales and (dis)assembly of your container carrier, harbour crane or spreader container. And for you as government, business or offshore industry: Cobra always delivers for the right price and service.

Steel construction: purchasing, sales, and (dis)assembly

Cobra ensures a flawless delivery of the steel construction you require. When it comes to purchasing, sales, assembly or disassembly of a steel construction, we always take all relevant environmental aspects into account. Furthermore, we know how laws are put together and what conditions are required for disposal or recycling. From container carrier to container spreader: Cobra takes care of delivery and installation of your metal structure!

Spreader container delivery

Cobra revolves around effective productivity. When it comes to delivery of a steel construction such as a spreader container or container carrier, Cobra possesses the required experience and versatility to provide competitive prices and without any surprises afterwards. Are you looking for a (mobile) harbour crane, spreader container or container carrier? Contact Cobra Trading!

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