Harbour machine specialist

Welcome at the harbour machine specialist of Europe! Cobra Trading is your effective partner when it comes to harbour machine(s) and material(s), such as container cranes, rails, spreader and other harbour machines. Our experienced team of specialists unburden you for purchase and installation of your harbour machine for the right price and with the desired service

Container cranes and other harbour cranes

Cobra ensures a flawless purchasing, sales, and (dis)assembly of container cranes and other cranes (e.g. spreader or carrier). For delivery and installation of harbour cranes (e.g. container cranes), we always take into account the environmental aspects, legal regulations and requirements regarding waste disposal and recycling. For every metal construction: call Cobra!

Spreader or carrier: effective delivery

In the delivery of a harbour machine, such as a spreader or carrier, Cobra provides effective productivity. A spreader is delivered by our experienced and versatile team at competitive prices and without surprises afterwards. Are you seeking a harbour machine, such as a spreader or carrier, without having to worry that it will be delivered and installed effectively? Contact Cobra Trading!