Container spreader and other metal structures

Cobra Trading is your effective partner when it comes to buying and selling of metal structures, assembly of steel and dismantling of, for example, a container spreader. Cobra possesses all relevant and necessary knowledge, skills and experience. Please contact us if you want us to unburden you when it comes to your metal structure: from container spreader to rails.

Assembly of steel

Are you looking for a solid assembly of your steel structure (e.g. container spreader)? Cobra ensures a flawless assembly of steel. We assemble steel constructions for a very competitive price and without unwanted surprises. For assembly of steel constructions, we always take into account the relevant environmental aspects, legal regulations and required permits. So are you looking for a partner to assembly your steel construction? Contact Cobra Trading!

Disassembly of your metal structures

For the disassembly of metal structures, such as a container spreader or container carrier, you’ll find yourself at the right place at Cobra Trading. When it comes to disassembly, we know what aspects are essential for disposal and recycling. Contact us – of course without obligation – for a competitive quote for disassembly or assembly of your steel structure.